Friday, June 13, 2008

The horse-loving gene

My mom and I have been scanning all the old family photos from her side of the family. A few weeks ago while we were scanning, we ran across several pictures of my grandfather's younger brother and sister riding a pony.

The pictures were taken up at my great-grandfather's Lake Erie property. The pony probably belonged to them. I think my grandfather has also talked about owning a pony when he was little. So I guess that's where I must have gotten the horse-loving gene!

My mom and I will be working on scanning pictures all day today, and this evening I babysit, so I won't be able to visit my horse today at all. Since I won't have any barn stories to tell, I wanted to take the opportunity to share these pictures!

Click on the pictures below to see bigger versions:

My great-uncle and his pony, circa 1935

My great-uncle and great-aunt on his pony, circa 1935



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