Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another quickie

I had a rough day yesterday, but I still managed to get out and see my horse. I was running short on time but still wanted to ride him, so after grooming him I just put on his bridle and led him out into the arena for a quick ride.

The last time I rode Panama was just over 2 weeks ago, and I rode him bareback that time, too. The first thing I noticed last night was that Panama doesn't feel as bony as he was — I think a combination of the increase in his grain and a 2-week vacation from being worked helped him to gain back some of the weight he'd lost.

Also, Iwas happy to notice that Panama was pretty respectful while I was riding him. He listened reasonably well to all my commands, including when I asked him to "Whoa" — something he usually has trouble with. I did have trouble getting him to walk into a corner where there is a new piece of metal bolted onto the fence, but I suppose being wary of potential dangers like that isn't necessarily a bad thing, as long as he doesn't freak out so bad that he throws me.

Panama also met his first radio-controlled car last night — while I was riding him. The husband of one of the other horse's owners started driving the car around one of the empty pastures. Although he kept the car at the far end for the most part, occasionally he'd run it closer to the arena fence. I was actually surprised that this didn't end up with me being on the ground, if that tells you anything, but Panama handled it remarkably well: For the most part, he just watched it with his ears pricked straight up and his posture at full attention.



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