Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another long trail ride

On Sunday I went on another trail ride with two other horses and their owners: Lily and Karen, and Kiki and Susie. We took the same loop that Karen and I had taken when we last rode together on Wednesday. Panama was not really nervous about it at all this time, which may have been because he knew the trail now, or maybe because Kiki was along — I've noticed he seems to feel more secure when Kiki (the "old gentleman" of the barn and Panama's mentor when he first came) is there.

The most interesting thing that happened was that Lily stumbled and fell. We don't know what caused it because there was nothing on the path, but suddenly she started bracing herself with her back legs (Panama and I were behind her) and going down, down, down in the front. Karen rolled off her back into the brush and Lily went all the way down onto her knees before getting back up again. Nothing seemed to be the matter, so Karen mounted back up and we continued our ride.

On the way back to the barn, we took the bike path under the bridge again, but this time I dismounted and led Panama through. He slipped again walking down the steep bike path into the tunnel, and stepped on my foot half a dozen times because he was trying to walk so close to me (for comfort or to stay away from the graffiti). I walked right up to the wall and patted the graffiti and talked to him in a reassuring voice, but I think I'll have to repeat that quite a few times before he gets over his fear.

All in all, it was another great ride. I am enjoying the longer rides, and even though my inner thighs start getting fatigued by the time we get back, I think it's good for both me and Panama to slowly increase the length of our trail rides!



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