Saturday, May 17, 2008

Worming my horse again

Today marked the third time I've ever wormed Panama myself. The last time I wormed my horse was two months ago.

Per my new vet's instructions, I gave Panama a double dose of Anthelcide today. He'll get Anthelcide (a regular dose) again in July and one more time in September; then he'll get Ivermectin in December. Next March he'll start with a completely different type of dewormer, to ensure that the worms don't develop an immunity to the wormer I am using.

Even as small as Panama is, a double dose meant using two tubes of wormer. Each tube holds enough for 1200 pounds of horse, and the vet told me to use enough for 1600 pounds of horse. I've donated the remainder of the second tube to someone else who wants to give their horse a double dose of Anthelcide.

I am pleased to say that Panama tolerated the worming paste much better than last time. I was able to give him both doses within about five minutes. He was a little more difficult the second time around, but he was still pretty good about it.

After worming my horse, I tied him up in the cross ties for about ten minutes while I did other things, in order to give him plenty of time to swallow it. (I learned the first time I wormed him that he holds some of it in his mouth until he can get a bite of hay, which he uses to help him spit the worming paste out.) Then I checked inside his mouth to ensure he had swallowed it all. He had, so I put him back in his stall with carrots and a cup of grain as a reward.

I'm thrilled that worming Panama went so well this time. His ground manners improve daily, and it's heartening to see. I'm such a proud mommy!



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