Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sugar and your horse's diet

Earlier today I blogged about a natural hoof care website a friend had recommended. This site mentions the importance of diet in several places, and provides a link to a site that discusses the importance of low sugar grass and hay. (If the topic interests you, be sure to check out the articles section — there is some good information there!)

Apparently too much sugar in a horse's diet has been associated with laminitis, a painful condition that happens in horses' hooves. Of course, too much sugar has also been said to make horses "hot," or too energetic and difficult to work with.

I don't know the sugar content in the grass hay that is fed at my barn, but I do have Panama on sweet feed. Right now it doesn't seem to make him too hot, and of course I haven't had any problems with his feet. The vet did tell me to increase the amount of grain I was giving him; I didn't mention it was sweet feed, though, so if Panama starts going bonkers I might have to switch to another kind of grain.



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