Friday, May 30, 2008

Spring farrier visit

My horse had an appointment with the farrier today. It was a much-needed appointment, because Panama's hooves had grown so fast since our last appointment — something about the added nutrition of the new spring grass, I guess.

Unfortuantely, my entire visit with Panama was kind of hurried; a family crisis meant that I needed to move my farrier appointment up by half an hour. The farrier was actually there earlier than that, so we got it done really early, which was extremely helpful for my situation.

Panama did well for the farrier. He's still not crazy about it, but he likes this farrier, and thus tolerates it pretty well. (I also like to think that it has something to do with him liking me, and me being the one holding his rope while the farrier does his feet.)

I mentioned in an earlier post that Panama likes to turn his head and smell my boots when I ride — or, in this case, my toes since I rode bareback and in flip flops. Today he was also very interested in checking out the farrier. As the farrier worked on Panama's feet, Panama kept turning his head and sniffing the farrier's back end. Once he even tried to nibble on his leather belt, but I scolded him for that!

(Panama seems to like leather. He also consistently tries to nibble on people's leather boots. He's not doing it to try to bite, but more like he's testing the material with his teeth. It must have to do with the smell, because he doesn't do it to my manmade, cheapie Payless boots.)

While the farrier was doing Panama's last foot, he did the cutest thing of all: He turned his head around and rested his chin on the farrier's back. I think he must have leaned all the weight of his head on the farrier, because the man laughed and said, "I like you too, big 'un." (The farrier calls him big 'un, but I don't know if it's an affectionate name he uses for all male horses, or a tongue-in-cheek nickname for my short little horse.)

Panama's feet look great now that they're all trimmed up. After the farrier finished, I messed with Panama a little bit more, gave him a few bites of carrot and part of his grain (we decided to split it into two meals today, just in case he's not quite over yesterday's bout of colic), and turned him back out into the pasture before I left.



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