Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sign the petition to save Big Brown!

As if Eight Belles's death isn't enough, the horse racing industry is now faced with a new scandal: the potential sale of Big Brown, the winner of the 2008 Kentucky Derby.

According to the petition for a no-slaughter contract, Big Brown's owners are making plans to sell him. Sending former champions to slaughter isn't as uncommon a practice as you might think, according to this article. Therefore the petition requests that Big Brown's owners make the buyers sign a contract prohibiting them from sending Big Brown to slaughter.

Before reading this petition, it hadn't even occurred to me that you could put such a clause in a horse sale contract — but I'm glad I now know. I don't plan to ever sell my horse, but I will quite happily suggest such a contract to anyone I know who is selling a horse. I think the average horse has just as much right to avoid being slaughtered as the champions, don't you?



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