Friday, May 23, 2008

Panama's love triangle

After today's horseback riding lesson, I turned Panama out into the green pasture. With the help of one of the other owners, I also turned out the rest of the horses, because the barn's owner hadn't made it there yet to do so.

In previous posts, I think I've mentioned that Panama has a little love triangle going on: He and another gelding share the same girlfriend. When they are all turned out, you can almost always find all three of them grazing near one another, like this:

My horse, his girlfriend, and another gelding he shares her with

The dark bay in the middle with the white blaze down her nose is Panama's girlfriend, and the dun behind her is the other gelding. She tends to favor Panama these days, because lately they've been turned out together more often. The other gelding is one of the few horses who gets along with the big bully of the herd, so he's often in a different pasture than Panama and the mare.

I love it when Panama and his girlfriend graze side by side — they look so cute together because they both have similar blazes down their noses. I was sorry not to get a picture of that today, but I'll try again!



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