Monday, May 19, 2008

More horses with prosthetic legs

Earlier I blogged about Molly the pony and her prosthetic leg, a story I heard about via the horse discussion board I belong to. I also wanted to share two other stories of horses with prosthetic legs, which I also discovered through the horse discussion board.

Rafeanna, a 9-year-old Arabian mare who broke her front right leg in 8 places. When the leg couldn't be saved, it was amputated and Rafeanna was fitted with a prosthetic. And here's a measure of how well prosthetics work on 3-legged horses: Rafeanna was even able to be impregnated and give birth!

Riley, a rescue horse who is currently waiting to have a right rear leg amputated. Afterward she'll be fitted with a prosthetic. The Best Friends Guardian Angel program will continue to give updates on Riley's condition.

Traditionally, horses who broke or badly injured a leg were simply euthanized. However, modern veterinary medicine provides horse owners with all kinds of options to save a horse that has been injured. It's wonderful to read stories like these!


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