Saturday, May 10, 2008

The horseback riding lessons paid off

I've been taking some horseback riding lessons on Panama to practice my posting and improve my control. Today I discovered that the lessons have really paid off.

After taking the picture of me snuggling with my horse, my mom stayed to see me ride. The last time she watched me ride was before my lessons and my new saddle, when I was primarily riding bareback. This time, she got to see me ride in the saddle, plus she got to see my newly acquired posting skills.

Unfortunately, it was rather windy while I was riding, and the wind tends to make Panama a little nervous. To boot, it had loosened the top half of a door on the side of the barn, and we were unable to secure it. Twice the door blew open or shut and spooked Panama. Both times, Panama jumped and pranced and tried to break into a quicker gait, and both times I maintained my seat and brought him back under control.

Considering that all three of the times I've fallen off my horse, it's been because he spooked about something, I am really pleased about how I handled both incidents this evening. It seems that taking lessons on my own horse was a really good idea!



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