Saturday, May 24, 2008

Holiday weekend riding practice

I won't be able to go on a trail ride until perhaps Monday, so today I made sure to get a little riding practice in. I just rode in circles in the makeshift arena, like I usually do during lessons or posting practice.

My practice today actually went pretty well. Panama was on good behavior again, and I was able to replicate many of the things we'd successfully done in yesterday's horseback riding lesson. He even performed well despite the fact that one of his buddies was in the green pasture just on the other side of the fence — something that is usually pretty distracting for him.

We also practiced stopping and backing, two things that Panama has a hard time with. He stopped quickly on command about half the time today; the other half the time, he did his usual trick of sneaking forward a couple of steps. When I asked him to back up, though, he did — something he usually doesn't do for me when I'm on his back.

It was a satisfying ride, even if we didn't go out on the trail, and I'm already looking forward to the next time!



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