Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another unexpected visitor at the barn!

This week is Panama's week for visitors, it seems! Yesterday I blogged about my husband's unexpected visit to the barn; today, my dad surprised me by accompanying me to the barn for my horse's training session.

This was the first time my dad had ever seen Panama. To my surprise, he didn't seem intimidated by him. In fact, the way he talked to Panama, I would have thought he'd always been around horses.

He also played with the barn owner's dog, a cattle dog who takes her job (herding horses) very seriously. If you throw her toy for her once, she'll never again leave you alone, so she kept my dad pretty occupied for a while!

After my dad left, the barn's owner turned the horses out into the green pasture, and I watched them graze for a little while. It was a warm afternoon, so it felt very peaceful to sit on the fence in the sunshine and watch the horses. I also love seeing them trot around, as they do intermittently while they graze, because it looks so graceful and relaxed. They haven't a care in the world when they're grazing on that new green grass, and when I watch them I feel like I don't, either.



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