Friday, May 9, 2008

Another horseback riding lesson

Today I had another horseback riding lesson on Panama. I was only slightly sore from yesterday's lesson, so I decided I wanted to go ahead and try it again. I am determined to improve my balance and control on horseback!

I did improve my posting today. I am getting better at doing other things while posting — today I accomplished leaning forward and patting Panama's neck without breaking my posting rhythm. It took a few attempts, but I did it!

Today I also learned the two-point position, where you crouch in the stirrups with your butt off the saddle. It's called the two-point position because your legs are the only point of contact with the horse. It's difficult to maintain at the trot, where it's all too tempting to let the horse's stride bounce you back down into the saddle, but it's a good position for galloping and jumping.

Of course, it'll take a lot of practice before I'm that good — I just barely managed it at the trot today.



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