Thursday, May 8, 2008

An afternoon at the barn

I had a lesson early this afternoon, and I ended up staying at the barn for several hours afterward.

My lesson went well. I practiced posting again, and this time I didn't have any problems with sitting too far back. My trainer must be inspiring to me, because her just being there seems to make me better!

My legs are also getting stronger, which means my control is getting better. I am even able now to do other things while posting, such as adjusting the reins and using leg yields. (The latter one requires practice and coordination, because while you nudge the horse's side with your lower legs, you still need to grip and control your up-and-down movement with your upper legs!)

After my trainer left, I hung out at the barn for a couple more hours. I gave Panama an after-ride treat (an apple and a couple of carrots) and turned him out for a bit. I was still there when it was time to bring the horses back in, so I gave Panama his grain, too. I like being the one to feed him occasionally — partly as a training opportunity, but also partly because I like him to think of me as the food source!



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