Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My horse's very first saddle

I bought my horse his very first saddle today.

I had been borrowing a couple of saddles from my trainer: a Western saddle that was very worn and slippery (the one we trained him in initially), and a child-sized English saddle that we switched to a little while back. Neither of them were all that comfortable, which is why I was riding bareback so much.

A week or two ago, though, I decided it was time for Panama to have his very own saddle. I measured his withers and picked out a used English saddle at my favorite tack shop, and today we tried it for the first time. I'm very happy to report that it worked, and I promptly went back and bought it. I now have my own saddle!

The best part was that the saddle was very wallet-friendly: I got out of there having spent under $250 for the saddle, stirrup leathers, and stirrup irons. (My trainer gave me a girth and a saddle pad.) This is $100-$200 less than I had expected to spend, partly because my favorite saddle happened to be the least expensive one, and partly because I bought everything else used, too.

My trainer took some pictures of me in the new saddle today. We didn't use stirrups because she didn't want the leathers to scratch the saddle, in case it didn't work and I didn't want to buy it. (The leather looks practically new.)

I think my horse and I look pretty good in our new saddle. What do you think?

My horse's new saddle



At April 24, 2008 at 5:42 PM, Blogger Irreverent Freelancer said...

Looks like a perfect fit ... for Panama and you. ;o)


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