Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My horse's first trail ride (without me!)

My horse went on his very first trail ride today — without me!

I was concerned that Panama would be too spooky for me to handle on the trail at first, so I had my trainer take him out with the stable owner and her horse. I would have liked to have gone too, but there wasn't a horse I could ride.

So since I didn't get to go, I made sure to take lots of pictures to mark the event. Here is Panama posing with my trainer, just before they left:

My horse and his trainer

And there they go, without me:

My horse's first trail ride - without me!

While they were gone, I sat in the car and pretended to work, looking up every minute or two to see if they were back yet. They were gone for probably 45 minutes, but when they got back my trainer had good news to report: Panama did fabulously!

She said he led part of the way, which is huge because I thought he was going to be really anxious about where his buddies were. They also trotted, crossed bridges, and waded through water that was more than knee-deep.

The stable owner already invited me to go with her and another boarder this weekend on their usual Sunday afternoon ride. I'm very seriously considering it!



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