Sunday, April 27, 2008

My horse is scared of manhole covers

Last weekend, my horse jumped into oncoming traffic because he was scared to walk over a manhole cover. Judging by some events that happened on today's trail ride, I think we have need of some manhole cover desensitization training.

We encountered manhole covers twice during our ride today, both times in grassy areas alongside the trail. The first time, Panama slammed on the brakes and started backing up rapidly, throwing me forward in the saddle (but not causing me to fall off this time, thankfully). Then he went around the manhole cover, giving it a wide berth.

After that, I asked Karen to walk her horse directly over the next manhole cover she saw. We saw one a few minutes later, so she walked Lily over it. Panama almost walked over it this time, but he did pull up short at the last minute, and danced nervously around it.

I can see that my trainer is going to have to work with him on his fear of manhole covers!



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