Monday, April 21, 2008

Horses look so cute when they roll

I saw my horse roll for the first time today.

It was after Panama's session with the trainer, and he was pretty sweaty — he got a good workout today. After I gave him a little snack (carrots and a couple of handfuls of hay), I turned him back out into the pasture. He was still a little damp.

I put my tack away and then peeked out into the pasture one more time before leaving. I didn't see him at first, but then I spotted him — on the ground in the herd's favorite sunbathing corner, rolling around with his feet in the air.

It was funny to watch. He kept rolling back and forth on the same side, and then finally pushed himself over onto the other. Then he moved his head and neck around in the dust, kind of like our dog does when she rolls and rubs her face in the grass.

I knew he had gotten into rolling since coming to this barn around Christmas, but this is the first time I'd had the pleasure of seeing it. Horses look pretty cute when they roll, and seeing my own horse roll cracked me up. I think he was doing it to get rid of the sweaty sensation (horses often roll when they're wet).

I laughed and called to him, "Panama, do you feel better now?" He hadn't realized I was watching, apparently, because when he heard my voice he picked his head up, looked at me, and then scrambled to his feet — as if I'd caught him doing something private or prohibited.

Horses are such funny creatures!



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