Monday, April 14, 2008

Horse training after a break

My trainer came today and worked with my horse for the first time in several weeks — we had skipped a week, and then last week we had to reschedule because of a snowstorm.

Panama did pretty good, considering that I've been the only person riding him for the last few weeks, and I'm not nearly as demanding as my trainer. (I mostly walk him, and work on steering and stopping — two areas where Panama likes to take advantage of me.)

One thing I noticed Panama has lost the feel for is dropping his head while my trainer is riding him. She says the profile of his nose should be nearly vertical, so that he uses the muscles in his back more. Unfortunately, I don't remember how to ask him to lower his head, so I haven't been practicing that.

Panama also seemed to have gotten rusty on picking up the correct lead when my trainer asks him for a canter (which I definitely don't do with him yet). However, she tried a flying lead change today for the very first time, and he did okay — he got it half-right the first time, and did it correctly the second time!

All in all, for having had a few weeks off, Panama didn't do too badly!



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