Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Good soft rubber horse curries

My horse is kind of ticklish, so finding a curry he would tolerate was a battle from the very beginning. I think I must have gone through four or five different curries at my local tack store before finally locating a couple that I liked.

One of the ones I liked was the this soft rubber curry brush set. There are two different curries in the set, one with larger, more widely space rubber nubs, and the other with skinnier, more closely spaced rubber nubs.

They also have a shape that is easier to hold than most curries. The handles on most curries tire my hand out, so I like the finger-notches on these.

Panama definitely likes these curries better than the hard plastic variety. They are nice, inexpensive ($7 for a set of two) alternatives to the typical plastic or hard rubber curries!



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