Friday, April 4, 2008

Getting rid of ear mites

I cleaned Panama's ears out again yesterday, and coated the insides with Vaseline for the second time.

He has gotten noticeably better about it since I first discovered he had ear mites. Just like last time, I tied him to the hitching post with some hay to distract him. He tried to shake me off a few times while I was scrubbing out the inside of his ears, but I actually think the warm, damp washcloth felt pretty good, because he didn't seem to mind it when I wasn't scrubbing.

Honestly, I think the biggest problem is that when I rub the ear mites, it makes his poor ears itch more. Sometimes it seems like he's trying to rub his head against me to scratch them, rather than to throw me off.

Even more surprising was how easily he submitted to the Vaseline. With the first ear, he didn't toss his head at all. He put up a bit more of a fuss with the other ear, but it was still a marked improvement over the last time!



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