Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Epona shedding flower

Warm weather took me by surprise, and as a result my horse started shedding before I was ready for it. I hadn't brought him to Denver until last fall, so I hadn't needed to buy a shedding blade yet.

When I went to my favorite tack store to get a shedding blade, they didn't have the typical metal kind. All they had was the Epona shed flower, so that's what I got.

The shed flower gets rid of a lot more hair than the traditional metal shedding blades. It also does a fantastic job of getting dried mud out of my horse's fuzzy winter coat. You sure end up with a lot of hair and dirt on your hand, though!

My only complaint with the flower shedder is that it irritates my ticklish horse. He seems to have the thin skin often found in Arabians. I anticipate that as his winter coat gets thinner, the shedder will bother him even more — he is noticeably more ticklish when he has his short, thin summer coat.



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