Thursday, April 10, 2008

Does a girl on a horse sell lingerie?

Summer '08 Victoria's Secret catalogueThe most recent Victoria's Secret catalogue arrived today. (It's the summer catalogue, and it arrived on the same day as our first spring snowstorm, which seems ironic — but that's another story.) I was surprised to see that, for the first time that I can remember, the cover picture features a girl on a horse.

I'm not sure how exactly a girl on a horse is supposed to sell lingerie. I guess supposedly it's sexy because she's "riding" bareback. (Riding my a$$. She's just sitting there. She's not even holding the reins properly.)

Of course, like all things, the reality of it isn't sexy at all: Riding bareback actually does a number on a girl's, er, little "jewel." I am usually too bruised and friction-burned for at least a day after riding bareback to even think about being sexy.

I've been thinking a lot about why Vicky's Secret deviated from their usual windblown beach shots for this catalogue's cover. I guess in the photographer's and designer's minds, most little girls love horses. Some of those little girls grow up to be real horse owners (who aren't fooled by the wishful thinking in this picture), but for most, a picture like this just reminds them of a childhood dream.

The question is, though, does that childhood dream sell lingerie and sexy clothing? Not for more experienced horsewomen, I'm afraid — actually owning a horse has taught me the value of practical clothing. And really, can you imagine how uncomfortable trotting would be in either of these tops?

Victoria's Secret model on a horse



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