Sunday, April 6, 2008

Busy day at a small barn

One of the things I like about a small barn is not having a lot of activity around when I'm there. Interacting with my horse is often a very private thing for me, and I don't like a lot of distraction. Besides, a lot of commotion makes Panama more nervous and fidgety.

Sometimes, though, even a small barn gets busy — particularly right now, when everyone wants to take advantage of the mild spring weather.

Today when my sister and I arrived at the barn so that I could ride my horse, there was a lot going on:

* One of the owners and her son was visiting with her horse in one of the private pastures.
* Another owner and his two kids were lunging and riding his horse in the big pasture.
* Three horses and their owners returned from a ride shortly after we arrived, and groomed their horses at the hitching posts in front of the barn.
* The owner of the stables got all the horses' grain ready.
* The cleaning crew came and cleaned the horses' stalls a little later during our visit.

During most of this, I had Panama in cross ties while I groomed him. The cross ties are in the entryway of the barn, though, so there was a lot of traffic: people walking back and forth, pushing wheelbarrows filled with manure or getting out/putting away tack, bringing horses through, etc.

On days like this, I am very glad to have Panama stabled at a small barn. At a big barn, such as the one my trainer works at, this would be considered quiet!



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