Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bringing a friend to the stables

Yesterday evening I brought a friend to the stables to meet my horse. I was good friends with Cindy several years ago, but we haven't been in touch for the last couple of years.

Cindy is a little afraid of horses, but she was still game to go with me to meet Panama. Unfortunately, he was being a little bit of a jerk at first: When we were standing next to him in his stall, he swung his head around and tried to bite my leg. He got a good smack for that, and you could almost see the wheels turning as he thought about why he was in trouble. After a moment, he turned around to look at my leg again, but he didn't try biting me again.

Panama was also moving his head all around as Cindy was trying to pet his nose, which made her nervous. She went and visited with the other horses over the fence and through the bars of their stalls (there are some pasture horses, some stabled horses). Meanwhile, I put Panama in cross ties.

When Cindy was done visiting, we brushed Panama for a bit. This was when she really blossomed. She loved brushing Panama, which enabled him to relax too (he is sensitive to when people are nervous around him). I think he actually enjoyed the brushing quite a bit.

In the end, I'd say the introduction was a success. Cindy wants to come with me more often to visit my horse, so that she can get over her fear of them, she says. Next time we're going to go during the day, so that she see him strut his stuff on the lunge line (and maybe with me riding him, too)!



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