Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday horseback ride

My biggest goal for my birthday, which was Saturday, was that I wanted to get a ride in. Unfortunately, my birthday horseback ride ended up being a little belated — thanks to a freak snowstorm and a few other things, I didn't get my ride in yesterday.

I did, however, get to ride today: I went on a 90-minute trail ride with Karen and her horse. All in all it went really well — Panama seems to enjoy trail rides, and settles in nicely once we're on the trail.

We had something of a rough start, though not the near-death experience of last weekend. My horse spooked himself pretty badly while in the cross ties by knocking over a tool box that the sprinkler guys had left. He remained pretty jumpy for a little while after that.

We also had some difficulty crossing the road. I led him across on foot this time, and when we were almost across Panama decided to plant his feet and refuse to go any further. Luckily there was no traffic at the time, because he was right in the middle of the lane! After a few nerve wracking seconds, he relented and followed me the rest of the way — dancing and prancing nervously the entire time.

Once we got on the trail, though, Panama settled in and enjoyed himself, just like our first trail ride last weekend (post accident). He still seems to be scared of manhole covers, but is getting noticeably better about the dogs and cyclists that we encounter on the trail. I think the more trail rides we go on, the better he'll get!



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