Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Almost back to normal

I feel even better today than I did yesterday. I'm surprised how quickly I've recovered from falling off my horse on Sunday.

Something I've noticed: The first time I fell off my horse, it was into snow, which should have cushioned the impact somewhat. Even so, I was horribly stiff and sore the next day. This time, I fell onto pavement, but I've recovered more quickly and experienced less pain. I discussed some of my theories about that in yesterday's post.

I've also noticed that the injuries seem to be different this time. The first time I ever fell off Panama, the soreness and stiffness felt like it was in the muscles. This time, I've actually had very little muscle pain. I feel more bruised than anything — a section of my lower back is tender to the touch, and I'm expecting a bruise to show up in a few days.

I don't know why I'm not experiencing the same muscle soreness and stiffness. I suppose it could actually be that my muscles are stronger from the riding I've done since the first time I fell, but personally I think it's more likely that riding afterward helped to loosen up muscles that would otherwise have been sore and stiff.



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