Monday, March 31, 2008

Transporting my horse to Denver

In early September 2007, we finally brought my horse, Panama, to Denver. It had been 16 months since Panama's trailer accident and horse rescue, and a month since his recent leg injury.

Figuring out transportation was actually easier than I thought it would be. We went with a horse transport company based out of Colorado Springs. They picked Panama up at about 2am, and delivered him to his new home about 13 hours later. It only cost $495.

Unfortunately, the driver and my in-laws had a hard time getting Panama to load up into the trailer. For one thing, he had had an extremely traumatic experience with a trailer as a baby. He also had to go up a ramp into this particular trailer, which most horses don't like. The fact that the driver had left the truck (which was a semi) running while trying to load Panama probably also didn't help.

It took about an hour to get Panama to load up into the trailer. At one point Michael's mom called him, and said they didn't think they'd be able to do it — Panama was rearing up on the ramp, and they were afraid he'd go over backwards. At one point, he even broke away and ran right through a wire fence trying to get back into the pasture.

Of course, they did eventually get him loaded. When he arrived in Denver, he was pretty jumpy. He was also extremely protective of his injured leg, and threatened to kick if you so much as looked at it. Eventually I knew he would need training — a lot of training — but for the moment, the main goal was to get him settled in.

(Look closely at his nose and his lower rear left leg in the above picture. You can see his injuries!)



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