Friday, March 21, 2008

My horse rescue story: Part 1

This blog is about horses in general, but mostly about my own horse rescue story.

Panama's story starts — at least for me — on Memorial Day weekend of 2005. While my husband and I were visiting his family in the country, my brother-in-law's neighbor had two new horses delivered: a 10-month pregnant mare and her 11-month-old colt. The neighbor was trading one of his other mares for the pregnant one, and had paid some money for the colt.

Unfortunately, the backyard breeder from whom he was getting the horses had loaded them into a trailer with a large hole in the floor, and the mare was badly injured as a result. To make a long story short, neither the seller nor the buyer were willing to pay $1,000 (cheap compared to what an urban vet would charge) to save her and her unborn foal. I sat with her the entire time, keeping her calm while they argued over her and while we waited for the vet.

Once the mare had been euthanized, we realized her yearling was injured, too. Since the neighbor didn't have a stall to keep him in while he healed, the vet would have to take him back to his place. But before we could do anything, we would have to catch him — this wild colt who had never been handled by humans.

In the end, the vet had to lasso the colt in order to catch him, and then my brother-in-law held him down while the vet went back to his office to get his trailer. I went and sat cross-legged in front of the colt, and he just hung his head in my lap.

It was at that moment that I decided to name him Panama.



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