Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life on the in-laws' pasture

I already wrote about Panama's traumatic trailer accident and how we rescued him. However, that was almost two years ago, so I still have some gaps to fill!

Panama lived with my brother-in-law's horses for almost a year and a half, from June of 2006 until September of 2007. His herd consisted of:

Outlaw, a 7-year-old Tennessee Walker,
Saber, a 22-year-old Arabian mix,
Sundance, a draft colt who was about a year younger than Panama, and whom they got in the fall of 2006, and
Cuervo, a Castilian donkey who is about the same age as Panama.

Panama and Cuervo became fast friends; in fact, the two of them are pictured playing in the header of my new blog template, which should be up soon. The two of them loved to play together. In fact, the hardest thing about bringing him to Denver was knowing I'd have to separate the two of them — but I also knew that I had to have Panama with me.

Here is a picture of Panama at about a year old, about a month after we rescued him. As you can see, he was underdeveloped and rather skinny:

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Panama and Cuervo together:

And here is a picture of him in March of 2007. He was about 20 months in this picture. See how much healthier he looks than when we first got him!



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