Saturday, March 29, 2008

Horse carriage industry in New York City

My last post reminded me about a trailer I saw a little while back — for a PETA-sponsored documentary on the horse carriage industry in New York City.

I highly recommend watching it. I strongly agree that this industry is terrible and inconsiderate of the horses. Their hooves weren't made for walking on pavement all day long, nor were their lungs made for breathing rush hour car fumes. How long do you think you could stand with your nose to a tailpipe before starting to feel the effects?

Moreover, these horses' living conditions are just terrible. The video shows a horse being led up a narrow stairway, and there are several shots of horses looking out their stall windows from several stories off the ground! While living wild is not an option anymore for most horses, they have a right to at least be kept in normal stables with daily pasture turnout.



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