Friday, March 28, 2008

Gelding and a leg injury: Panama's big summer

I blogged earlier about my horse's pasture days with the in-laws. That lasted for about 16 months, from June of 2006 until September of 2007.

At the beginning of last summer, we decided it was time to bring Panama to Denver. So far I was only able to see him when we visited my husband's family every few months. It wasn't enough — Panama had become quite wild, and was rather a handful for my poor in-laws sometimes.

Part of it was that he hadn't been gelded yet. We had him gelded in the summer of 2007, at about 2 years old. We also had his vaccinations updated and a Coggins test run in preparation for transporting him to Denver.

Unfortunately, Panama was badly injured in early August, requiring that we push the transport date back a month. He got his rear left leg wrapped up in a wire fence sometime during the night; by the time he was discovered in the morning, the wire had sliced his leg open almost all the way around.

This was the leg that had been injured the worst in the trailer accident, and he had never gotten over his foot-trust issues. That made cleaning the wound difficult. As a result, it didn't get cleaned frequently enough, and became infected.

In the end, the fence incident cost us three vet trips, a ton of antibiotics, and a month of worry. The wound was still open, though in considerably better shape, when he arrived in Denver in early September. Here is a picture that was taken in early September:

As you can see, the wound spiraled up his leg and caused a lot of swelling. It was pretty bad on the other side too.

Healing was slow, but by early October there was only a small (in comparison) scab left on each side:

In retrospect, I think we were probably pretty lucky that Panama wasn't lamed by this wound!



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