Friday, March 28, 2008

Farrier's visit and ear care

My horse had a big day today: The farrier came to trim his hooves, and I dealt with his ear mites. Panama is still a little jumpy, so I think the only reason he tolerated everything was that I kept him distracted with plenty of hay!

Panama used to really misbehave when it came time for the farrier's visit. There's a history to that, but I'll address that in a future post. Unfortunately, his sore ankles from his fence-jumping experience have him acting a little protective of his hind legs again. I was concerned that he would give the farrier a hard way to go, but he was actually pretty good. Part of it might have been that he didn't have much growth, so the farrier was able to be pretty quick.

And no doubt another part of it was that he was able to eat the entire time the farrier was working on him. I swear, my horse is so belly driven, he would let you do almost anything to him while he's eating!

After the farrier left, I took care of his ears as best I could. I went as slowly and gently as I could, and was able to wipe out most of ear mites. He still didn't like it, but he was distracted enough by the hay (and mollified enough by the praise when he held still) that I was able to make some progress.

Once I had finished with the washcloth, I coated the inside of his ears with Vaseline. That actually turned out to be more difficult than the scrubbing, even though it took less time. Apparently my horse doesn't like the feeling of Vaseline on the insides of his ears. Not that I blame him, of course — I just hope he learns to hold still for it anyway!



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