Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bizarre behavior at the barn

The owner of the barn where Panama is stabled — who is really fantastic about keeping in touch, I might add — emailed me this morning to tell me something really bizarre.

When she arrived at 10:30 this morning, Panama was in his neighbor's stall. He hadn't broken the fence, but had evidently jumped it. He doesn't seem to be badly injured, though he is sporting two new scrapes — one on his chest, and another on one of his feet. He seemed a little freaked out, and didn't start to calm down until she turned him and the rest of the horses out together.

He had been in the right place at 6:00 this morning, when the hay guy fed everyone. So sometime in that four-hour time frame, he freaked out and jumped the fence into his neighbor's run.

We're not sure what could have happened to make him that desperate, but my husband suggested that it could have been a coyote (which we have here in abundance). Whatever it was, it was something scary enough that Panama — being a baby still — wanted the security of being with another horse.

Anyway, since my car is still inoperable and Michael took his car to work, I'll have to wait until he gets home before I can go visit Panama and check him over myself.



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